Posted on 13th Sep, 2009 13th Sep 09
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Royalty Free UI Sound Pack Now Free!

Narfstuff UI Sound Pack

Great news everyone! By popular demand, my collection of over 70 user-interface sounds are now available to download for FREE! This sound pack is great for use in Flash games, interfaces and countless other web-based tasks. It includes:

  • 15 Affirm Sounds
  • 11 Deny Sounds
  • 6 Alert Sounds
  • 20 Click Sounds
  • 10 Mouseover Sounds
  • 8 Whooshing Sounds

Each sound is individually packaged as a 44Khz 16bit WAV file, and they’re all packaged together in one easy to navigate archive.

Download and info after the jump!

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Posted on 10th Sep, 2009 10th Sep 09
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Wired Cover Design Process

Check out this great video, featuring Wired’s creative director Scott Dadich talking about the detailed creative process behind the production of the magazine’s front cover. It’s nice to get an insight into how much work and enthusiasm goes into creation of each month’s leading image, and how much fun it looks to be involved!

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Posted on 4th Aug, 2009 4th Aug 09
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My New Design Portfolio

New Portfolio

I’m delighted to say that my new portfolio is finally on-line! It’s taken a lot of work and thought to get it to a stage at which I’m happy – I hope you’ll like it too. Over the past year I’ve learnt about a lot of new technologies which I’ve attempted to bring to bear on this piece of work, such as the fantastic JQuery library. I’ve also worked to create something which stands apart visually from the great sea of portfolios which pervade the Internet. Drop me a comment – I’d love to know what you think!

Fran Boot Design Portfolio

Posted on 4th Aug, 2009 4th Aug 09
Posted by fran fran

Graphical Banners – Fire Engine Red

Banner Pack - Fire Engine RedThis is my first set of goodies to download – a set of graphical banners for use in design projects, with a fire-engine red colour palette. I’ve carefully created these to look as good on light as on dark backgrounds, and they come ready-to-go in five of the most popular banner dimensions as outlined at Google Adsense. These are designed to grab attention and pop off the page, with a sleek design that asks to be clicked on.

Download after the jump!
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Posted on 4th Aug, 2009 4th Aug 09
Posted by fran fran

Really a year?

Well that took the term ‘extended hiatus’ to a bit of a new, uncharted level – I recently realised that my last post was over a year ago! Not particularly admirable I must admit. I’ve been up to all sorts since then. Moved city, spent some time living in Japan and learnt an awful lot more about my trade, both good and bad. Over the next few days I’ll be getting back into the swing of things here. To kick things off, I’m posting some goodies to download which I’ve been working on (a series of banner graphics packs), and then I’ll move on to writing a few articles about what I’ve learnt over the past year.