Posted on 14th Feb, 2008 14th Feb 08
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StarShine – A Flash Puzzle Game

Here’s a beta version of an experimental flash game project I’ve been working on a bit, called ‘Starshine’. If people like it, I’ll release a refined version a little down the line.

The aim of the game is to collect the spinning stars, using a player controlled comet. There are selectable centres of gravity that if chosen at the right time, will allow you to manoeuvre the comet to collect stars.

Try to collect them in as quick a time as possible, there’s a points bonus if you complete each level within a certain time frame, and you may make it onto the leader-board : ) Please do leave a comment if you like it, or have any suggestions as to how to improve it – I’ll work suggestions into the next version. Feel free to nick the game and put it where you like. Also, if you like it and use stumbleupon, a thumbs up would be great! : )

Download .swf


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