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Posted on 17th Mar, 2008 17th Mar 08
Posted by fran fran

Web Developer Toolbar Update

Yay! Chris Pederick‘s fantastic Firefox plugin – web-developer toolbar has been updated, including numerous bug-fixes and optimisations. I’m really glad to see that the search function now seems to be working, so you can quickly find your way to relevant areas of css files quickly.

As mentioned in , Web developer toolbar is a great addition to any developers browser, allowing you to edit and save CSS on the fly, along with myriad other features.

Posted on 17th Mar, 2008 17th Mar 08
Posted by fran fran

Royalty Free Stock User Interface Sounds

I’ve just opened my on Narfstuff! First up is a pack of 70 original, royalty free user interface sounds, including . Produced with the Flash and Web developer in mind, they’re divided into sections for mouse-over, click, accept, deny and alert events. I’ve also included a set of sparkly whooshing noises, as they seem to be rather popular in peoples programs and portfolios at the moment.

All sounds are in high quality 44khz PCM wav format, cut to size and ready to drop into your programs.

UPDATE: This pack is now free to download, and free to use! Head over here to read more.

Posted on 14th Mar, 2008 14th Mar 08
Posted by fran fran

PHP Memory and WordPress

Sometimes when WordPress runs out of available RAM on its housing server, it can yield some pretty strange results, including blank pages, timeouts, and unexplained errors. WordPress isn’t terribly verbose about memory related errors when they are encountered, and as such – one can spend a lot of time looking for errors in your PHP code, where none truly exist.