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Graphical Banners – Fire Engine Red

Banner Pack - Fire Engine RedThis is my first set of goodies to download – a set of graphical banners for use in design projects, with a fire-engine red colour palette. I’ve carefully created these to look as good on light as on dark backgrounds, and they come ready-to-go in five of the most popular banner dimensions as outlined at Google Adsense. These are designed to grab attention and pop off the page, with a sleek design that asks to be clicked on.

Download after the jump!

The download pack comes with a fully layered .PSD, including banners in the following dimensions:

  • 728 x 90px Banner
  • 120 x 60 Skyscraper
  • 200px x 200px Square
  • 250px x 250px Square
  • 300px x 250px Rectangle

I’ve used DIN Medium as the font here, but if you don’t have that installed on your system, the banners will I’m sure look great with other Serif / Sans serif fonts. Feel free to use these as a basis for commercial design work / derivative works, or in mock-ups for your web-design projects, but please don’t resell them as your own work on stock sites etc. I would always appreciate any link back here if you find them useful!

I’ll be releasing more of these in the coming days – using different textures and colour palettes, so do drop by again!

Now, onto the download!

Graphical Banners - Fire Engine Red (4141)

If you find these useful, you may want to check out my free user interface sound pack, by clicking here.

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