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Royalty Free UI Sound Pack Now Free!

Narfstuff UI Sound Pack

Great news everyone! By popular demand, my collection of over 70 user-interface sounds are now available to download for FREE! This sound pack is great for use in Flash games, interfaces and countless other web-based tasks. It includes:

  • 15 Affirm Sounds
  • 11 Deny Sounds
  • 6 Alert Sounds
  • 20 Click Sounds
  • 10 Mouseover Sounds
  • 8 Whooshing Sounds

Each sound is individually packaged as a 44Khz 16bit WAV file, and they’re all packaged together in one easy to navigate archive.

Download and info after the jump!

You can import them easily into Flash for use in menus, games, applications and utilities. Feel free to use these sounds in commercial or personal projects – but please don’t repackage these verbatim to sell on to others, or remove the accompanying readme file – that would just be mean : )

If you find this pack of use, I’d really appreciate a link-back to my site or portfolio and a note to say how you’ve found them useful. Please feel free (and encouraged) to provide a link to this page, but not just to the download package itself, as I’d like to be able to supply info about updates.

I’ve put a load of work and time into creating this pack, so please consider buying me a beer, packet of crisps or donkey, using the ‘donate’ button at the end of the post.

Let me know your thoughts and most of all, Enjoy!

Narfstuff User Interface Sound Pack (22397)

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£0 GBP has so far been donated to my crisp, biscuit and noodle fund.

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