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Posted on 9th May, 2008 9th May 08
Posted by fran fran

Hello, Visitors!

I’ve noticed a big spike in traffic over the last couple of days as Narfstuff has been featured in Smashing Magazine’s latest round up article, Now more than ever: 50 more excellent blog designs. I’m very proud and surprised to have made such a list, and just wanted to say hi to everyone who’s popped over to visit recently, thanks for dropping by, I hope you like the site!

Posted on 17th Mar, 2008 17th Mar 08
Posted by fran fran

Web Developer Toolbar Update

Yay! Chris Pederick‘s fantastic Firefox plugin – web-developer toolbar has been updated, including numerous bug-fixes and optimisations. I’m really glad to see that the search function now seems to be working, so you can quickly find your way to relevant areas of css files quickly.

As mentioned in , Web developer toolbar is a great addition to any developers browser, allowing you to edit and save CSS on the fly, along with myriad other features.

Posted on 17th Mar, 2008 17th Mar 08
Posted by fran fran

Royalty Free Stock User Interface Sounds

I’ve just opened my on Narfstuff! First up is a pack of 70 original, royalty free user interface sounds, including . Produced with the Flash and Web developer in mind, they’re divided into sections for mouse-over, click, accept, deny and alert events. I’ve also included a set of sparkly whooshing noises, as they seem to be rather popular in peoples programs and portfolios at the moment.

All sounds are in high quality 44khz PCM wav format, cut to size and ready to drop into your programs.

UPDATE: This pack is now free to download, and free to use! Head over here to read more.

Posted on 14th Feb, 2008 14th Feb 08
Posted by fran fran

StarShine – A Flash Puzzle Game

Here’s a beta version of an experimental flash game project I’ve been working on a bit, called ‘Starshine’. If people like it, I’ll release a refined version a little down the line.

The aim of the game is to collect the spinning stars, using a player controlled comet. There are selectable centres of gravity that if chosen at the right time, will allow you to manoeuvre the comet to collect stars.

Try to collect them in as quick a time as possible, there’s a points bonus if you complete each level within a certain time frame, and you may make it onto the leader-board : ) Please do leave a comment if you like it, or have any suggestions as to how to improve it – I’ll work suggestions into the next version. Feel free to nick the game and put it where you like. Also, if you like it and use stumbleupon, a thumbs up would be great! : )


Posted on 30th Jan, 2008 30th Jan 08
Posted by fran fran

Check Your Website Popularity

I’ve just stumbled across this great little tool which will allow you to quickly amass a lot of information regarding your website’s Pagerank, and backlink status. It also checks for numbers of links from Technorati, Alexa etc. I’ve usually had to do this manually with various services, but this one speeds the process up loads!

Xinu Tool