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Welcome to my portfolio, and thanks for dropping by! My name is Fran, and I love designing for the web. I work with my clients to produce beautiful, accessible and useful projects which help their interests to grow and flourish online.

I've worked on a broad range of projects for large companies, small businesses, charities and individuals looking to reach people through effective web and email design. Have a look through some of my favourite projects, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to talk about what we can achieve together.

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I've been designing and building websites happily for years, and am proud to be part of a world-wide community of designers and developers working to make the internet a prettier, more productive place to be for everyone.

I try to maintain an understanding of all technologies which can make a web-site not just work, but excel at its task. From project conception, all the way to launch, I'm proud that I can help my clients to realise projects which exceed expectations, and allow them to make the most of their on-line homes.

    • Wordpress
    • HTML, CSS and JQuery
    • PHP and MySQL
    • Flash and Actionscript
  • I've worked with Lastminute.com, Wahanda and John Lewis Department Stores

Inspiration Resources

Whenever I'm starting a project with a client, there's some resources that I always point them toward to in order to gain inspiration for their project. I'm also a daily visitor to these sites, as they're great for keeping fresh ideas ticking over in my head.

Inspiration Resources

There's a lot of tools available which can help you to bring a project from concept to launch. Here's a selection of my favourite libraries, tools and publishing platforms which I use on a daily basis. I hope you find them as useful as I do!

  • External Link: Wordpress - The best free publishing platform around.
  • External Link: JQuery - My favourite Javascript framework makes life easy.
  • External Link: EZSql - Brilliantly simple MySql abstraction layer.
  • External Link: Graphic River - Affordable and useful stock graphics.
  • External Link: Snipplr - Code snippets for many programming languages.

Contact Me

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in working with me, or if you'd just like to say hello.

We can talk through all of the stages involved in bringing your project to fruition, and I'll let you know how best I can help.

If you'd like me to supply a quick quote for your project, please be as descriptive as possible regarding the specifics of what you'd like to achieve, and if appropriate, include a few links to websites you like! I look forward to hearing from you!